Cynergy Networks is the website provider to the Metropolitan Golf Association, Long Island Golf Association, Long Island Senior Golf Association, Women's Metropolitan Golf Association, Women's Tri County Golf Association and the Women's Westchester Fairfield Golf Association.

We have some exciting new products that will work seamlessly with your existing website or as part of a complete Cynergy Networks website solution.  These modules were originally developed as custom work for individual clubs but are now available for your club.


  League Management.  The league management feature allows administration of competitive teams.  Team captains can easily communicate with their team and determine rosters for each competition.  This robust module manages scheduled matches, polls players for availability and sends reminder emails.
  Resource Reservations.  The resource reservations feature is a straightforward means of managing resources like tennis courts, paddle tennis courts or conference rooms.  This versatile module allows members to book their own times or let club staff do it for them.
  Text Message Blasts.  The text message blast feature gives you the power to send broadcast text messages to the membership.  Great uses for this incredibly practical tool are notifications of power failures, event changes and special notices.  Unlike other text message blast services, there is NO per message fee which offers the potential of saving hundreds of dollars per month.
  e-Invite.  The e-Invite system supports the creation of an invitation list.  e-Invite will send an email invitation to the list and allow one click responses from the email similar in functionality to Evite, but integrated with your club website.
  Find a Game.  The Find a Game module allows members to post notices looking to join or fill out a foursome.  Now new members have an easy way to rapidly get to know other members in the club.
  Email Updater. The email updater is an innovative tool used to allow quick and easy updates to the website by simply replying to a daily email.  The response to this email is automatically published on the website.  The most popular use of this clever tool is daily course conditions published on the website in minutes.
  Event Registration Management.  The event registrations feature allows the setup of rooms, seatings and times within the seating for events.  Maximums can be set for seatings or times to help dining staff control online registration for an event.


A Cynergy Networks website provides the most advanced core features that you'll find in the club website industry.


    Powerful Editor.  If you can use a word processor, you can edit your website. No need to wait for support to make changes for you - do It yourself!  Our tools are designed to have the look and feel of a standard word processor. We can have you updating your own website in minutes!
  Calendar.  The Cynergy Networks calendar is the perfect tool for a busy member to see what is happening at the club. Quickly locate events as each is color coded to capture attention and maximize member engagement.  The calendar is as intuitive to use as it is powerful.
  Email Blasts.  Our email blast tool was designed for easy use by club personnel.  This enables the club to not only send perfectly-timed emails, but save money by doing it themselves.

Cynergy Networks also offers efficient mobile websites and ecommerce:


    Mobile Website.  Our mobile feature senses that the device viewing the site is mobile and presents a website that is tailored to the small screen size.  Mobile websites are no longer "nice-to-have," they are essential.
  eCommerce.  The eCommerce feature allows accepting credit cards online for anything from event registrations to selling products online.

Put our team to work for you.  For more information or a demonstration, please email us at info@cynergynetworks.com or give a call at 203-445-8584.